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  • The Online Marketing Road- Dodge These 3 Potholes!

    The Online Marketing Road- Dodge...

    Online, or digital marketing, is incredibly complex. One that needs a cautious approach, rather than a foot flat on the pedal 200 kilometres an hour kind of approach. There are many things that can quickly go askew and hit you where it hurts the most- your wallet. Having been around the block, and back again, […]

  • Content Marketing- A Work Of Art

    Content Marketing- A Work Of Art

    I don’t need to remind anyone about the power of content marketing, it’s everywhere these days from Hungry Jacks to Uber. But, what exactly is content marketing and how is it best carried out? With a quick Google search, you’ll see that content marketing is the use of online material in order to promote. Well, […]

  • Friday Morning Thoughts

    Friday Morning Thoughts

    This morning over a cup of much-needed coffee, I was reading an article that resonated with me. It was a story a from a Harvard business professor. He spoke of how they coached an under seven kids’ soccer team, and when they put the ball in the middle of the field what did all the […]

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