Last week, I identified three marketing trends currently shaping the way businesses operate online. However, as the title suggests, there are six. So, I owe you a part two!

So without further ado, let’s dive back in and talk about three more!


A few years ago we had a revolutionary idea.

We knew it would be a game changer—something that would not only make the lives of small to medium business owners so much easier but would also be unlike anything we’d ever offered. The product? LinX: a world first digital marketing app that allows our clients to track their AdWords and Facebook campaigns 24/7! And I’m excited to be able to share with you that our app is now available Australia-wide!

So What Makes LinX So Special?

Firstly, it removes a lot of the hassles of conventional AdWords/Facebook campaign tracking. As I shared with my staff recently, the biggest thing to remember when creating new software is to keep it simple. Given that 50% of clients don’t track their leads (yes, I’m serious!), it’s clear that software needs to not only deliver in terms of innovation but also user-friendliness—and this is what we kept at the forefront of our minds when designing LinX. Taking into consideration that the average person picks up their phone 150 times a day, it’s easy to see that people are more likely to interact with an app than their computer. This is why it made sense to give our clients a tool that would not only help them better manage their accounts but one that would also encourage them to want to check their leads.

Secondly, it was also important that we make LinX unique. We’ve done this in a few different ways, such as creating a world-first digital marketing hub that goes beyond what is offered through other apps. For example, with LinX you can view your comparative data (which allows you to compare stats, to go from your CTR to your clicks etcetera), something that’s not even available through Google’s app!

What makes LinX unique, however, is its diversity. When creating the initial design we felt it important to offer more than just AdWords management, which is why we also included the Facebook dashboard. What this means for our clients, is that they can do everything they need directly from the app without having to check emails or log in and out of multiple websites. This is particularly helpful when you’re on the road a lot!

Personally, I know how it feels to get back to my home, office, or accommodation after back-to-back meetings and feel the temptation to just leave my emails until the morning. Now, in some cases, this isn’t a problem, but if you’re waiting on leads to come through and you’re not diligently checking, it can mean the difference between winning or losing a client—particularly if your industry is small and competitive! That was one of the biggest issues we saw with Facebook Lead Ads— that by the time you’d run a campaign, logged into the Facebook dashboard and downloaded your lead spreadsheet, it was too late; the lead was already gone.

The difference with LinX however, is that it sends a push notification every time you receive a new lead and then logs it directly in the app with all of your other leads. This user-friendly feature of being able to stay alerted to, and keeping track of, all your leads in one place is extremely valuable!

LinX is about building a relationship between our clients and their managers. We know that it takes trust when bringing onboard a marketing professional to look after your account, and so we try to foster these relationships in whatever way we can. For example, when you log into LinX, you’ll be able to see a photo of your Client Manager and get in touch with them or request a callback, in just one simple click. We like to think of it as helping our clients get to know their managers a little bit more easily.

As I said at LinX’s official launch, our app is, without a doubt, the most revolutionary thing we’ve ever done. It’s the solution that small to medium business owners have been searching for, and I’m looking forward to hearing from you as to how it’s positively helped your business!



Social Media Ben Bradshaw on Nine News talking social media and how it is used in the Qld election

speaks with about the social media battle during the Queensland election


Small to medium sized businesses that do not adapt to the current mobile environment will probably not survive, taking down the economy with them. Australia’s digital future is clearly not only set to exist in the cloud, but on mobile.

Smartphone penetration is very evidently on the rise, and according to the latest Google research only made available to Google partners, 74% of users don’t leave home without it.  However, an overwhelming 98% of respondents also use their smartphones at home.

Importantly, the research shows that 86% of smartphone users have used their phone to look for local information, 48% of them on a weekly basis, and of those people, 88% have taken action as a result.

Unfortunately, most businesses do not yet realise the power of mobile, and that a mobile website could be their most powerful marketing tool, due to their high conversion rate. By 2015, mobile search is set to overtake desktop, and 94% of respondents have researched a product or service on their phone, with 33% then purchasing it via their computer and 29% offline.

Technology is, however, now making it possible for purchases to be made easily via mobile. Twenty-eight percent of respondents have purchased a product or service using their smartphone. Smartphone users tend to be frequent buyers, with 59% making mobile purchases at least once a month.

All businesses should have a mobile website to take advantage of these customers. People search differently via mobile than they do on their desktop, with 59% only looking at the first page of search results when conducting a search on their smartphone.

Mobile sites are different to normal websites, being simplified versions of a website that contain the necessary information in a format suitable for a mobile phone, eliminating the need for scrolling to get a complete page view.   Also, Flash is best avoided as it is not supported by iPhones.


As Australia’s largest Australian owned Google AdWords Management Company, SponsoredLinX has recently relocated to its brand new impressive headquarters in Yeronga, Brisbane.

Moving to the new premises was part of the business’ strategy for its enormous triple-digit growth plan for each year ahead. Last year the business literally doubled both its client base and staff, whilst business turnover has tripled from 2010 to the present day. It was therefore entirely necessary to source a new building with a lot more space to accommodate our rapidly growing staff, and house the latest technology and cloud computing infrastructure, as well as monthly client workshops.

The new SponsoredLinX premises, that includes over $200,000 worth of cutting edge renovations, is by far the largest and most impressive of all Google partner agencies in Australia. The new Yeronga premises used to be a Government building. Our renovations to the two storey building, that is over 1100 square metres in size, mean we can now comfortably accommodate around 150 staff.

Other state-of-the art facilities include a staff gymnasium and recreational area, client meeting areas, a large seminar room especially equipped for client internet marketing training seminars, two staff bathrooms, and an impressive foyer featuring branded strobe lighting and contemporary back-lit water features. Both levels have been furnished with glass boardroom tables, logo lighting, and inspirational quotes on the walls to create a workspace that feels homely, yet is entirely leading-edge, in line with the progressive Google brand.

However, what made the renovation entirely unique was that it was project managed and engineered, not by architects and interior designers, but by Chief Operating Officer, Will Sui, and award winning international web designer, Tania Williams.

We feel we have really pushed the boundaries of what is possible in technology, by having a web designer create a physical off-screen space using online web design principles. We weren’t sure what to expect, but the results were astonishing.

SponsoredLinX rapidly outgrew its previous premises in Annerley, which was the first premises for myself and partner Shannah Whitford-Lowe’s, external to our own home, back in March 2007. 

On the day of the business’ move to the new headquarters, exactly five years later, there were 50 staff and an active client base of well over 1000.  SponsoredLinX was also identified late last year by Google as having singularly outsold all of the partner agencies in Europe, as well as overtaking some entire European countries’ sales figures.

While we are looking forward to again doubling our client base and turnover, in our new premises,  this year our focus is going to be about two things particularly – achieving a stream-lined and more personable and individual service for every one of our clients, and introducing ground breaking new technology to the internet marketing industry. We are absolutely committed to being not only the largest, but the best Internet Marketing and Google Adwords business in the Southern Hemisphere.

Some of the new technology due to be released this year include an iPhone game, as well as a revolutionary internet based keyword search tool.  

However, constant development is a necessity, not a benefit, in this industry. Internet marketing is a unique industry in that it is constantly developing and changing, and in order to provide a useful service to clients, those of us who operate within it need to not only keep up with the changes, but also stay ahead of them.

If our product and service provision stays the same from one year to the next, and even one month to the next, then we are in real danger of being made redundant as so many others have.

The new premises reflects our commitment to staying ahead of the game, and placing it on the right track for expansion both locally and overseas.  We have recently undergone a complete department restructure that will ensure clients receive ongoing service and support, through systems and technology pioneered by SponsoredLinX each and every week, second to none. Not only that, but they will have the opportunity to understand and have input into where and how they want their business to achieve a presence online, and capture quality traffic that converts into quality clients.

This year, SponsoredLinX looks forward to carving a significant presence in New Zealand, with Malaysia, Hong Kong and Singapore to follow.

It’s hard to believe that the end of financial year is already upon us. Usually at this time of year you will find great discounts and specials at various retailers and service providers, and SponsoredLinX is no different. Purchase a mobile website from us before the end of June for just $770 plus GST, and take advantage of a massive saving of over $100.

 For those who have not yet come across them, mobile websites are now becoming standard. By 2015, mobile search is set to overtake desktop, yet most businesses will miss out because they don’t realise that mobile websites may well be their most important marketing tool, due to their extremely high conversion rate. This is because when people search for information on a business on their mobile, they are likely to be out of their home or office and in a position to do business immediately, rather than just browsing.

 Mobile websites are simplified versions of a website that contain the necessary information in a format suitable for a mobile phone, eliminating the need for scrolling to get a complete page view.  Contact your Internet Marketing Specialist to take advantage of this offer before it expires.

 Hopefully, as many people will take advantage of the benefits of mobile websites with this special offer to replicate the huge success of May Madness. A massive number of existing clients took us up on the discounted Conversion page last month.

In the meantime, we are in planning for our exciting Grand Launch party taking place next month. Stay tuned for photos and all the details of our VIPs and staff celebrating the move to our innovatively refurbished new headquarters.


As we have come to expect, the last few weeks have been extremely busy and productive here at the SponsoredLinX office.

Day by day, our new office is undergoing its exciting physical transformation, and is quickly becoming the dynamic Australian hub for cutting edge Internet marketing.  Our HR Manager, Eron Redmayne, has been very busy hiring new talent to join our team, which has had to expand rapidly due to more satisfied clients coming on board literally every day. 

I recently presented an SEO Tips and Tricks workshop at the new headquarters for clients and associates. Around 40 people attended and feedback was huge. Due to the enormous response, we will be running workshops here regularly and dates will be confirmed shortly. I was also asked to present a talk at the Australian Institute of Managament on the topic of online business strategies for success, and this took place last week. Participants discovered my own cutting edge proven blueprint for online success, web conversion tips and tricks as well as useful online marketing tools used by the Pros.  It is very exciting that more business owners, managers and entrepreneurs are recognising the importance of a strong online presence.

 It is also heartening to see that many of our clients are starting to really get behind SEO as a strategy to get more traffic.  If you are keen to see the difference SEO can make to your business too, then simply contact a SponsoredLinX Internet Marketing Specialist. 


Networking Event Melbourne

Location: Melbourne, Victoria
Venue: CQ Functions Centre, 113 Queen Street, Melbourne
Date: Wednesday, 31 October, 2012
Time: 11:30am – 2:15pm
RSVP Date: Friday, 26 October, 2012


Ben Bradshaw, Owner, Internet Marketing Pioneer

Internet marketing pioneer, Ben Bradshaw, will share his secrets to generating the most income from internet marketing strategies such as Google AdWords and Search Engine Optimisation, including how to increase your quality leads that will actually buy from you. Ben will also show you how to boost your traffic using social media as a channel for advertising, and you will discover the 7 SEO mistakes small business owners continually make and how to avoid them.

About Ben Bradshaw:

Ben Bradshaw is one of Australia’s online marketing and Google Adwords pioneers. He is the Director of Australia’s largest Australian owned AdWords Management Company, and one of Australia’s most sought after speakers and trainers on the subject. Ben is no stranger to success – not only is he now a self-made millionaire, author, one of Smart Company’s Hot 30 Under 30 among other prestigious awards, but he also holds the Guinness World Record for the fastest escape from a straight jacket!

Ben’s entrepreneurial approach and knowledge on the subject has resulted in his business growing by a staggering 300% since its inception and it is now Australia’s largest Australian owned AdWords Management Company. Just after it started, SponsoredLinX was approached to become one of only a very select few authorised Google resellers. Ben is now regularly quoted on internet marketing on Sky Business, in business publications like Smart Company and Dynamic Business and in major metropolitan newspapers.

What you’ll learn:

  • How you can achieve the best results from your Google advertising with a low budget.
  • The right and wrong keywords to choose for your ad.
  • How to get more quality clicks on your ad that will lead to sales.
  • How to place higher in both the organic search results and also in Google AdWords – increasing search results.

How to Promote Yourself at This Event:

Brochure or Product Sample Distribution: WNA Members who bring a door prize to this event are entitled to place their promotional flyers or product samples onto the seats for all the guests in attendance. Read details about how to participate.

FREE Expo Tables: Whilst making an online booking WNA Members have the option of securing a Free Expo Table. If the option doesn’t appear it indicates all spaces have been secured. Read details about how to participate.


On Arrival:Pre-luncheon drink followed by cash bar.

Main: Beef tenderloin (250g) marinated with fresh thyme, pinot noir, cracked pepper and juniper berries pan fried in light olive oil with potato gratin, roasted purple eggplant, red capsicum, green zucchini surrounded by pan juices.

Alternative Main (Vegetarian): Mediterranean vegetable ragout served with fresh basil tomatoes, braised silver beet, asparagus, fresh tomato and herb confit.

Dessert: Trio of petit fours – baked berry, passion fruit, and e’clair served with almond biscotti and dark chocolate mousse.

Note:Meal will be served with fresh dinner rolls and followed by coffee, tea and chocolates.

Special Diets:
Special dietary requirements are to be indicated in the comments section of your booking form. Due to venue policy we are required to give 3 working days notice prior to this event for final numbers attending and any special diets that are to be served on the day. Sorry, but any special diet bookings received after this time cannot be guaranteed. To discuss further contact us onT: 1800 052 476.


Members$75.00  |  Visitors$125.00

Read more:

Recently I was delighted to have been asked to join Sky Business News’ Tech Talk program to discuss changes coming to Facebook and Google that will impact the entire economy.

On this segment I also addressed privacy issues that will arise through Facebook obtaining all of our personal details, and how businesses will take advantage of this information to market to their customers, as well as the rise of mobile technology and personal deals. now have services to give our clients a leading edge on Social Media platforms such as Facebook & Google+.

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