Friday Morning Thoughts

Friday Morning Thoughts

This morning over a cup of much-needed coffee, I was reading an article that resonated with me. It was a story a from a Harvard business professor. He spoke of how they coached an under seven kids’ soccer team, and when they put the ball in the middle of the field what did all the kids do?

“They just followed the ball around the field,”

“But when you become a professional they all have positions on the field, they all have structure. They might pass the ball all the way back to the goalkeeper but eventually, they’d get an opportunity to strike.”

This is a fantastic business analogy. One that I feel is particularly relevant to our business right now. I have seen first-hand in our business where sometimes we have players in assigned positions, yet they’re doing everything but their role, and chasing balls all over the field.

Sometimes, this can be admirable, but it can also be dangerous and lead to inefficiency. It’s the equivalent of everyone on the soccer field running after the ball, which means bumping into each other, and no goals scored.

It’s vital we have clearly defined roles with set out responsibilities in order for our company to function as one. When I started SponsoredLinX, I was the goalkeeper, defence, midfield and attack (with my partner Shannah as the coach).

Now, we’ve got a full team and we’re top of the league, but in order to stay there, sometimes we need to go back to basics and work on our fundamentals. This, I believe, is vital for any business.

Remember where you came from, and keep your eye on the ball going forward.

If I’m the striker, I trust my defence to keep the ball in possession so that I may have a chance to score. Of course, there’ll be times when I need to get back to defend, or when we’re chasing a goal and I need the defence to come up, but essentially we’ve all got our own jobs to do.

And, when we’re all doing those jobs independently, but still operating as a team, there’s no stopping us.


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Regarded as somewhat of an enigma in the world of digital marketing, Ben Bradshaw is one of Australia’s most established and renowned Google AdWords pioneers. As well as being the founder and CEO of Australia’s largest Australian-owned, multi-award winning AdWords management company (SponsoredLinX), he is also one of the country’s most sought-after and respected speakers and trainers in the field of Internet marketing and entrepreneurship. As testament to his enormous success, Ben is now a self-made millionaire and author, and has received a swag of awards such as: ‘Brisbane’s Digital Young Entrepreneur of the Year (2015 & 2016),’ ‘Ernst & Young’s Australian Entrepreneur of the Year (2013),’ and Smart Company’s Hot 30 Under 30 (2011).’ It’s little wonder that Smart Company describe him as something “akin to a Jedi Master in the world of search engine marketing.”

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